What is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is advertising on the Web. It is the way you get people to visit your site and hopefully buy your products/services. Properly set up and supported a website can be a powerful tool to advertise your company. But like anything else, this does not happen by accident and the best results cost money.

What does Cloverfield Creations provide? Every template Cloverfield Creations sells and hosts comes with standard Search Engine Optimization. This includes basic keywords for your business, site maps loaded with Google and Yahoo and a blog if requested for you to go out and reach out to social media. Each template is also set up to be responsive which means it can be loaded on any device from a smartphone through to a desktop computer.

Will all this get you on the front page of Google? No. But it will put you out there for people to see if they know what they are looking for. In addition to the things we provide we recommend that you talk about your new site on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube and anywhere else you find yourself on the web. Start conversations on your blog that people would be interested in and then link to them. Partner up with Vendors or other Merchants sharing links from your page to theirs and vise versa. Taking a proactive approach to sharing your site will go a long way to driving traffic to your website.

Interested in doing more? Do you have an advertising budget? Listed below are additional services that can help you take your SEO rating to the next level.

  • Business profile creation, simple onsite tweaks and keyword/description monitoring - $100/month
  • Add in social profile creation - $200/month
  • Add in 30 sec video, video profile creation, more on site content changes/additions, work with customer to get and import info - $400/month

Are you serious about wanting to be on the front page of Google? We can help.

The big Why for SEO:
Running the numbers...

Over 80% of shoppers research online, even when purchasing offline
89% of searchers click on natural search results over paid ads
Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links
61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post
Our Keyword strategies are an effective long term investment in your traffic.

We Do SEO, in three formats
1. Local SEO (Compete for visibility in Search Engines and Maps)
Starts at only $600 a month per location. (Got several locations? We can cut you a deal.)

2. SEO 3.0 Optimize my current site. No Problem.
This could take some time depending on how old your site is. Sites get better with age.
Starts at only $2500 and are project based and contracted by the hour after that. Contact us for a quote!

3. Content King or Queen - You need SEO Content? We have it.
Do you want to be king of content in your industry? We do it all the time.
Just need one item from the menu? We do that.
Want a price break? We can give you a custom package.

Pricing Packages
$750 every month - You'll get the best in SEO Inbound Marketing consulting and guidance services.
$750 one time - We include placement in up to forty directories (other people put you in thousands but Google hates that! We choose the best.)
$1000 one time - 10 Amazing blog posts that can bring you long term traffic (+ cost of images) (Yeah we know.. you can write them in India for $5 each. We write ones that will last and are more effective. Try us out. We guarantee satisfaction.)
$1000 one time - A branded and beautiful social media presence and starter posts on every major platform.
$5000 one time - Blogger Outreach for one month to promote your SEO and Content. Reach out to over 1,000 bloggers and a guaranteed 50 blog posts around the web.

Our Inbound Marketing products and services is the very best way to get the kind of traffic to your website that converts into customers.

Our team of experts will be on hand to answer questions and tailor your SEO Inbound Marketing strategy for optimum results.

Got a question?
Let us give you a clear path to successful SEO in the form of a Quote and Strategy.